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What Our Clients Say

Thinking Nutrition works hard to meet our customers needs, and has garnered much positive praise and feedback from clients, academia and both media and corporate clients in the process. Following is a selection of testimonials from different clients:


Individual Consult Clients

“Six months before visiting Jennifer, I had had a triple heart by-pass operation. The recovery was very good, but the specialist was concerned that my LDL cholesterol reading was going up. I thought that I had been careful about my diet and the result concerned me. I had been receiving the Thinking Nutrition newsletter and decided to make an appointment with Jennifer for her advice. I was very impressed by the professional approach which she adopted. There was a careful analysis of food intake. I ended up with a Personalised Nutrition Plan which set out Key Changes that I needed to make, and meal suggestions which would help to achieve the goals. I was delighted that the most recent cholesterol test showed a marked improvement and my LDL level is down to 1.3 mmol/L. Thank you Jennifer for your help.” Roger, Auckland.

"My 16 month son has severe allergies to wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts and soy. So after specialist consultation I felt it important to seek advice from a nutritionist in regards to his overall diet and whether he was getting enough of everything. After two visits to Jenny we came away happy that we are on the right track with his diet - even at 16 months old. She gave us a detailed analysis of his intake and gave us lots of helpful ideas for alternatives. Overall very worth while taking the time to see Jenny!" Sharon Davies, Belmont.

Billy Bowden International Cricket Umpire


"As an international cricket umpire I stand out on cricket fields, in extreme conditions and temperatures, for long periods of time. It's crucial to consume the right types and quantities of foods and liquids at the appropriate times. I'm fortunate that my wife, Jennifer Bowden, is a professional and knowledgeable nutritionist. Jennifer's nutrition expertise has had a hugely positive impact on my well-being and my performance in elite level sports. The most obvious change is that I've felt a significant increase in my energy levels during my day to day living, and I don't get as tired during cricket matches, especially the 5 day test matches. This helps me to improve my concentration and maintain a high level of focus right through until the end of the game." Billy Bowden, ICC Elite Panel Cricket Umpire.


Media Clients

NZ Listener Magazine

Jennifer Bowden writes a weekly nutrition column for the highly respected NZ Listener magazine, winner of the Qantas Media Award for News-Stand Magazine of the Year in both 2007 and 2008. 

"Jenny Bowden started as a weekly nutrition columnist for the Listener – New Zealand’s multi-award-winning weekly news and current affairs magazine - in December 2007. Jenny’s column is always well researched and she has developed a very strong following among Listener readers. A recent readers’ panel conducted by the magazine showed that health and nutrition were extremely popular among our readers. And feedback via letters and emails also shows Jenny has a strong following, with many people writing in asking advice about a myriad of topics. That feedback about the integrity of the column has also come from her peers and experts at several universities around the country.” Pamela Stirling, Editor of NZ Listener.

Healthy Food Guide Magazine

The Healthy Food Guide magazine is a must-read for many New Zealand and Australian households. Jennifer has contributed to the Healthy Food Guide team as a free-lance writer and consulting nutritionist since 2005.

“Jenny Bowden is a regular contributor to Healthy Food Guide, and has worked with us when our in-house nutritionist has been away on several occasions. Jenny is highly professional and knowledgeable. She's able to work to deadlines and be flexible with the demands of a fast-paced monthly publication. Jenny has a knack for writing in an accessible, friendly style that suits our magazine well - I know that what I imagine when I brief an article is what I'll get back; a major plus! Jenny is fun and easy to work with for our whole team.” Niki Bezzant, Editor of Healthy Food Guide.

Corporate Clients

Thinking Nutrition also provides nutrition consulting services to corporate clients. Services vary from delivering healthy eating seminars to community groups and corporate staff groups, through to providing specialised nutritional advice for food product development and nutrition-focused advertising campaigns.

Kristy Blackman, Marketing Manager for Cheese, Cultured and Functional Dairy Foods at Goodman-Fielder NZ, on working with Thinking Nutrition Ltd: “We worked very closely with Jenny on our Activate media campaign and she was fantastic, she provided specific nutritional input into areas that Marketing, Research & Development and our agency could not validate and did not have the expertise or experience to deal with. We found her to be very professional and work to extremely tight deadlines and overall provided confidence for us to put our name against the work.”

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